With your touch makes the waves Cashmere Radio presents two months of special expanded programming including live performances, screenings, discussions, installations and artworks by long-time members, new neighbours and friends. In the process of moving across Berlin, the studio and community will spend two months at our temporary space in Wedding where the radio as a space of gathering, experimenting and broadcasting will be explored and practiced from numerous angles. New works will be shown and added to an evolving constellation over two months, and every Friday evening live performances and events with an on-site audience will be broadcast on FM (88.4 Berlin, 90.7 Potsdam) and online at www.cashmereradio.com.
Cashmere Radio is entering a new transitional phase after six years of broadcasting. Radiophonic practice is reaffirmed as one of embodiment and presence, a physical phenomenon affecting our physical selves, in one place or another, in one way or another. Coming together again to regularly share a physical space, we find ourselves back in touch with our own vulnerability and insecurity as embodied and situated social beings, as well as the joy and strength found in collective experiences and endeavours. This fragility is also present in the urgent struggle for spaces in which to work, create and be together — a predicament currently experienced by so many artists, musicians and collectives in our changing city. By standing up to the challenges of being there, here, somewhere, we are both confronted with the daunting precarity inherent to being in physical space, and reminded of its immense power.
Aiko Shimotsuma – Andreas Schlaegel – Art Critics Orchestra – Bitsy Knox – Carl Lange – Chris Dreier – Crosslucid – D’Andrade – Dj Acid Mishandle – Felisha Ledesma – Francisco Petrucci – frau regel & dj schlucht – Gilberto Moreno – Heiner Franzen – Infinite Quest – Ingeborg Wie Henriksen – Jesaja Song-Gil Rüschenschmidt – Juba – Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård – Lauren Taylor – Lila-Zoé Krauß – Lisa Röing Baer – Lizzie Davis – L Twills – Manfred Peckl – Manuel Pinto – Mari Matsutoya – Eric Windel – Ernst Markus Stein – Mean Flowers – Michael Sayles – Michelle Felix – Naga – Nico Sauer – Nine Budde – Nohe Noshe – Omas for Future – Patrick Jambon – Paula Carralero Bierzynska – Peter Odinzow – Philipp Kostermenke – Resurge – Rosa Aiello – Salon Oblique – Sarah Lehn – Shelley Tootell – Sung Tieu – Ted Berglund – theta.cool – Thomas Leo Chapman IV – Van Urrgh – Wieland Schönfelder – Zach Hart & AIexandra WiIson – Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone (SFX)
and many more

Plantagenstraße 30 gegenüber 10
13347 Berlin

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