I am a multidisciplinary artist, writer and director.
Born in Berlin, my current residence, I pursued my education in visual communication at UdK Berlin. My academic endeavors revolve around the examination of identity construction, social media dynamics, urban structures, and the pursuit of collective formations within the context of our hyper-digital age. My research delves into profound social observations, offering a blend of both dreamy and contemplative perspectives that inform my artistic process.
Drawing inspiration from philosophers such as Guy Debord and Hakim Bey, I have cultivated a deep interest in social and political modes of action, as well as the intrinsic significance of identity construction within these frameworks. My artistic exploration focuses on the search for forms of a more welcoming society, using digital media, interactive artworks and mixed media as a means of expression. In my creations, I endeavor to present the world from a perspective that transcends societal norms, providing an alternative viewpoint. In this context, I perceive virtuality as a utopia that unveils novel social possibilities.
I work on a voluntary basis for “Lebenshilfe Berlin”, as a member of the “Nutzer:Innen Rat der Pioniere” and am involved as a pioneer representative on the committee for pioneer uses in the Haus der Statistik quarter. As part of the venue founding process at Haus der Statistik, I am leading the research workshop "How to produce differently?" in 2023 and working as a jury member for the "Temoräre Freiflächengestaltung Haus der Statistik / Haus des Reisens" competition of the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Bauen und Wohnen.
In my work as a director, author, visual artist, video assistant for Robert Lepage, documentary photographer, camerawoman and assistant director for John Bock and Clara Weyde, and in experiments with new media, such as augmented reality, I was able to gain many different experiences. My work has been exhibited at panke.gallery, transmediale 2016, Studio DB, Zuostant, Sternschuppen at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Galerie Ebensberger and Schlossmuseum Murnau.
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