The NIE goes to the university!
On 17.11.23 at 8 pm in the lecture hall of the Theater Sciences at Grunewaldstr. 35. 

As part of the annual conference 2023: "The Final Countdown" - Aesthetics and Politics of the End of the World, at the FU Dahlem the NIE Theater is showing its production "And the seven angels with their seven trumpets had prepared themselves to sound the trumpets"
The apocalypse is a commissioned work. We should never forget that. The Apocalypse is a project by artists. It is an artistic contribution to the end of the world. It is an artistic act. It is being rehearsed everywhere. The German apocalypse will be poorly subsidized and it won't blow anyone away. After the premiere, it would not enter the repertoire. The apocalypse will be well managed. Until one of the seven angels decides to drop out in the middle of the rehearsal: "For personal reasons!" says Axel and leaves...
Cast: Julia Boxheimer, Andrew Clarke, Thomas Felletschin, Jonathan Frisch, Maximilian Götz, Sebastian Kucks, Sophia Lietsche, Josephine Nahrtstedt, Francesco Procopio, Hannah Rumstedt und Niels Willberg
Directing: Julius Böhm, Jakob Gerber,
Text: Julius Böhm, Jakob Gerber, Christoph Reinhardt
Costume: Lenna Stamopolous
Photos: Natalia Pais-Fornari

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