In the hybrid theater production WIR SIND NICHT NETT, 10 women fight their way through the streets of Berlin, connecting audiences separated from each other at two venues via live broadcast. On their way between the stages, the NIE theater collective reflects on their un- and dependencies, working conditions and principles of urban solidarity through discussions, manifestations and dance interludes.
With: Julia Boxheimer, Yelikha Camara, Itaya Diehl, Laura Eichten, Jenny Kopf, Sophia Lietsche, Hannah Maneck, Josephine Nahrtstedt, Dascha Nesterowa, Thea Rasche
Direction, Text & Camera: Hannah Rumstedt
Bühne: NIE Theater
Costume: Franziska Müller
Video: Jakob Gerber
Light: Christoph Reinhardt
Sound: Jonathan Frisch
A NIE Theatre Production as part of the INITIAL scholarship from the Akademie der Künste

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