Hannah Rumstedt with the first test attempt, photo: Jakob Gerber

The NIE Theater transforms a common room in the House of Statistics from its shell state into a lounge paneled with trophen wood. It is worked resource-saving with garbage from the containers of the Werkhof from the House of Materialization.

Hannah Rumstedt with the Maserboy.

Katharina Tönsmann does the finishing touches and closes the drill holes with filler.

Old stucco marble panels from the former reception hall of the Haus der Statistik in the GDR are saved from being thrown away and reused in the lounge.

Henry Schlage fills the stucco marble counter.

Vincent Kadus unscrews the slats for reuse.

Jakob Gerber paints the new cabaret stage.

Color selection for the strips.

David Heim Covers the cabaret stage with a cushion.

Exterior view of the House of Materialization.

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